About Us

Experts in insurance lead generation with years of experience in distributing leads generated from organic searches.

Optimizing Quality

A continuous process of optimizing the leads delivered takes place in our system. This ensures that the quality of leads are improved over time and the closing rate keeps going up.

Our Service features


Web/Internet Leads

All the leads you receive are exclusive. We only deliver internet leads generated from web form shared with no one else.


Lightning fast and quality assured

Our lead distribution technology makes sure you receive leads soon as they are generated. We use many features in our leads portal to make sure the lead quality is maintained.


Great Support & Money Back Policy

Our support team usually gets back to you with in minutes and make sure any problem is solved with in 24 hours. We give 100% money back for all unqualified leads.

No Contract

Pay only for the leads you receive

We don't need any contract. You need only pay for the leads you buy with no minimum spending.

Instant Setup

Start receiving leads in minutes

You can setup an account in less than a minute and start leads campaigns applying several filters to receive leads you target. You need only pay for the leads you buy.

Leads Portal

Manage all your leads campaigns

Our leads management dashboard allows you to create campaigns, manage leads giving you full control over the leads you receive.


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Phone Number

(558) 554-8455

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